With Actual Installer, software developers have an easier and more affordable way for creating reliable windows installation packages needed to make their programs install and run properly on end users' computers. Easy to use even by beginning developers, the Actual Installer can pack files, set file associations, write to the registry, and more. Experienced developers add multilingual installations, custom commands and even more.

Publisher description

Actual Installer simplifies the job of the software developer and makes distributing programs more cost effective and convenient even for those just getting into the industry. The program was created to help developers of any skill and experience level easily put together distributives that can be packaged with their software for distribution. These distributives are necessary so end users can install the software on their systems. File unpacking, component checking, uninstall support, file association setting, and writing to the registry are all part of what these distributives do and what can easily be created with the Actual Installer. Additionally, the software can package auto updaters, feedback support for when users uninstall the program, multiple language installations, and more to provide even greater usefulness to software developers. This program has an easier to use interface, as well as a more affordable price. The created windows installer packages can be used on both CD and downloadable versions of software so developers have a wide-range of distribution options available. Regardless of the type of software being developed, the Actual Installer makes distributing it to end users less difficult while ensuring that end user receives everything needed to properly install and run the finished program. Many companies have opted for the Actual Installer instead of resorting to using custom-built and much more expensive installation systems. The reason is simple - Actual Installer has everything a professional developer needs at a great price!

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